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Eastern Pyro fired its first display in August 2009. The team who started Eastern Pyro worked for a national operator firing displays all over the UK in association with high profile public events. Our vision was to stage the our high quality firework displays closer to home. In 2009 we started to gain a regular customer base and took the bold step of establishing Eastern Pyro as its own entity. Since 2009 we have fired displays for a number of public and private events and fired 2 show for events that have featured on national television. The original team members are still on board using their experience to make our displays something special and always something different for our clients. We have invested in the training of 8 new technicians in the last 12 months taking the team up to 11 technicians in total.
The ethos behind Eastern Pyro is to make safety our first priority followed by balancing the wishes of our client with the long term interests of the hosting venue. We have an excellent reputation for meeting and exceeding our clients expectations whilst maintaining a good long term relationship with the hosting venues.
All the products used in our displays are high powered professional grade products, they give spectacular performance whilst keeping smoke levels down.
We are licensed and insured 365 days a year to use our high powered products. The team have over 30 years experience in the safe use of our products.
The high quality level of service we offer does not have to be expensive; talk to us about your event and we will see how we can use our technology and experience to make your event unforgettable.

Eastern Pyro Ltd.

Reg 07103440

  Eastern Pyro Ltd.
Director T J Houlton
Tel: 01482 891412
Mob: 07542 649844
e-mail: info@easternpyro.co.uk

Licensed for use & storage of Category 4 Firework products under MSER
Licensed for transportation of Firework products under ADR
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