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Reg 07103440

The display opens with a sequence of roman candles building to a spectacular wall of effects up to a height of 80 feet. As the candles burn away we feed in a new layer of effects that reach a height of 100 feet with effects such as Silver time rain, Multi colour fish, Glittering Palm Trees, Strobe effects, Silver Spinners, Comets, Peonies, Crossettes, Brocade stars, Pistils & Bombettes. We work through different effects that blend in the sky and effects that contrast in colour and design. We feed in effects that scan the sky up to a height of 80 feet and also products that project a fan of effects up to 80 feet into the sky. As the display continues we build in higher powered products thus increasing the height and intensity of the show.
The first finale will project a 100 foot plume of effects up to a height 180 feet followed by a short pause before the display restarts with effects up to 100 feet.
The base of the main finale is formed by 10 large spinners
at a height of 100 feet and topped off with a number of
golden waterfall effects descending from a height of 230 feet.
(subject to suitability of the firing location)

Prices Package 1

4 Minutes 400
6 Minutes 600
8 Minutes 800
10 Minutes 1000
Package 1
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